Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let Down And Hanging Around

I was given two opportunities to see Radiohead this weekend, and passed both times, and as much as I would love to see Thom Yorke and his merry band of "fookin' stoodents" do their rock thing, I am so glad I passed. The aftermath of Nissan Pavilion's decision to turn the whole affair into a cock-up of epic proportion can be read all about here and here and (though Catherine enjoyed the show) here.

The whole existential nightmare that those who spent the entire evening quixotically driving around the venue should not be diminished. Nor should the fact that, as Kriston pointed out, every single ticketholder - drivers, passengers, parkers and late night Beckettian wanderers - paid $6 for the privilege of parking. But for me, the central takeaway is that YOU MUST NOT GO TO NISSAN PAVILION. EVER! No matter who is playing there! If you receive a massive, painful case of stigmata where amidst the bleeding you come to know, with the full force of the Divine Word, that the Second Coming of Christ is scheduled to go down at Nissan Pavilion, DO NOT GO. It'll be in the morning paper, probably.

The reason I say this is that cock-ups are not the exception at Nissan Pavilion, they are the rule. All the incompetence that is on display in these articles have been a de facto part of Nissan's standard operating procedure since as long as I can remember. My one and only trip to this venue - years ago - featured massive traffic backups, clueless parking officials guiding us in circles, and a friskdown at the door that really should have been preceded by a roofie, just to lend it a little goddamn dignity. And after the show, those clueless dolts who had at least presented themselves as nominal authorities had abandoned us all to the caprice and anarchy of the post-show crowd. Getting out was utter fucking chaos. We sat in our car and witnessed these two guys harrassing these four girls in a convertible, obviously bordering on assault, but you couldn't find anyone in charge anywhere. My friend finally grabbed his tire iron out of his trunk and ran over there, brandishing it. Just in time, too: one of the assailants was trying to yank one of the passengers' purses out of her grip.

The whole effing thing was crazy, just bonkers. The place is just the shittiest venue in the history of gathering places. I would rather see Radiohead play the People's Temple in Jonestown, Guyana, than suffer for even a quarter of an hour at the Nissan Pavilion. I hope every one of you all who didn't get in to see the show take your money back out of Live Nation's hide. And failing that, BTMFD.


Ed said...

I've often said that even if George Harrison and John Lennon were somehow magically resurrected from the dead, and the Beatles did a one-time-only reunion show at Nissan Pavilion, I wouldn't go.

I'm going to the Radiohead concert this Sunday in Dallas (which is brilliant, because it coincides with a trip home - from Australia, where I now live and where Radiohead aren't playing).

I did think it was odd that Radiohead played Nissan, though, besides its clear suckitude. Their venue selection, they said, was designed to minimise the carbon footprint - you've probably seen the calculators, calls to encourage carpooling, etc.

So why didn't they have it somewhere Metro-accessible, like RFK?

PK said...

Dear God, a thousand amens. I never thought anyplace would make Merriweather Post freakin' Pavilion seem pleasant and convenient. There is no show worth seeing at that craphole. Honestly, wouldn't it be just as convenient to go see your favorite bands in New York or Philly?