Thursday, May 22, 2008


Remember a few weeks ago how the rains came and combined their awfulness with the unaccountable incompetence of the people who work at Nissan Pavillion to ruin a Radiohead concert? Well, here's the latest news from CatAn:

looks like they've started the process of issuing refunds to those fans affected by the nissan/epic flood disaster.

And so, another epic humanitarian tragedy is rectified. Now was that so hard, China and Myanmar?

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Ed said...

As I mentioned in another comment, I got to go to the Radiohead show in Dallas, the last one on their first North American leg.

Wow. Very sorry for anyone who missed this show in Washington. (I'm coming up there on Saturday, so y'all can kick my ass for getting to go if you want. I'll probably be at the Quarry House.)

They were seriously on their game. Holy shit, was it good.

Hopefully, they'll add another DC show when they come back - and perhaps at a venue that's Metro-accessible.

I am just thankful I got to see them, because they're not coming anywhere near Australia.