Friday, June 20, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: The Bearings Straits

According to this articlette in The Politico, John McCain and his campaign are miffed that the Democrats keep hammering him on his advanced age - which is, indeed, VERY ADVANCED. But are the Democrats talking in SECRET CODE when they do so? For example, when they say that McCain boasts a "half-century of service" - do they mean to simply state a fact? Or do they mean to allude that McCain may have shambled up and down the corridors of power for a half-century, growing in hunger and anger? And when they say he has "lost his bearings," do they mean to imply, "Hey, McCain just said something that doesn't make much sense!" Or do they really mean, "Hey, Old Man McCain just jabbered some old man crap through his old man mouth and then crapped his britches full of liquid turds and he really needs to be in a home?"

I guess it could be THAT subjective. Or, it could be that McCain is, himself, speaking in a SECRET CODE that only complete dumbasses can understand. Which would explain why nothing he says makes sense to me!

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