Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: Delegatolocalypse In Woodley Park

Aww look! It's Lanny Davis! He had this wonderful idea that the DNC would meet today in DC to give Clinton 3,482,239 new delegates just because NO ONE WANT MAKE LANNY DAVIS GO MADFACE! But the DNC was all, "Snack on a liter of our dickcheese, Lanny!" Which meant that Lanny ran all over the hotel, whining and crying at anyone who would listen. He yelled at people, and ordinarily, said people would just punch the yeller in the mouth, but basically, you take one look at Lanny Davis and the pain in his eyes and his sad clown-tramp jowls and you just shake your head and walk away.

Anyway, all the protestors were crazy loons who didn't get what they wanted because they wanted Hillary Clinton to have it all. My colleague Sam Stein actually attempted to eat lunch with this horde of zombified protestatards circling around, yelling at him.

It's pretty hilarious, and, if you act now, if comes with a bonus video of some woman who gets tossed from the DNC meeting who then proceeds to have a mental breakdown. I mean: I can't take my eyes off of this fucking nutball.

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Gabriel said...

"Ausman: Are you a designated representative of Clinton?

Davis: I am not a designated representative.

Ausman: Then why don't we have a designated representative speak for Clinton and you be silent?"

Nicely done.

You have to feel sorry for Lanny Davis' wife. It must be a terrible burden to know that you married one complete douche and gave birth to another.

KCinDC said...

I was sitting in front of that woman in the video after lunch. Having to listen to her conversation with her friends about how she'd be voting for McCain and how Obama hates the Jews was one reason I didn't stick around till the end and thus missed the real fireworks.