Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: You Don't Mess With The Sabato

Larry Sabato is the most widely quoted individual in Virginia politics, and, to this day, people give me the tsk-tsk when I tell them that I never availed myself of his professorial talents while I was at UVa. Sorry, everyone! I was, like everyone else at UVa., an English major, hell bent on earning the degree that has led many of our alumni to lucrative jobs in the Five Whore Diamond Whore Booking industry. Still, since his many books are written in English, I have read some of them, and he has got mad subject-verb agreement skillz.

Of course, while his frumptastic appearance makes David Axelrod look like Robert Goulet, fueling a constant undercurrent of diminishment in some circles, Sabato has earned his rep the honest way, by making some of the most informed prognostications in the biz. And so The Hook's Lindsay Barnes reminds us today that The Sab figured Obama for the nomination all the way back in the halcyon days of October 2006. That's back when Bush and Rove were still in deep denial that the GOP was going to hold serve in both houses of Congress. That, folks, is impressive.


Tom said...

I took Sabato's course, but only for the introductory class. After one hour it was clear that it was going to be the Larry Show, a chance for him to preen and impress himself with what a great and dynamic lecturer he is. I couldn't take it.

dmlaenker said...

Meh, my sister went to comm school, so you English majors can suck it.

I got nothing on Sabato, tho.