Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, it's been pointed out to me by a colleague (not sure if I'm allowed to put her on the record (will correct if this is okay) so I'll only say she's very reliable) that it's probably not actually fair of me to assert that RADAR "broke" the story of Tim Russert's death. Based upon her take of the situation (which is a...reliable one), and I'm sort of paraphrasing here, Radar didn't so much "break" the story as they did "get a whiff of what was blowing in the breeze and yanked out their dick to dangle in the sweet rumory goodness." Again, I am sort of paraphrasing.

Anyway, it turns out that the actual breaker of the Russert story were the celebrated nerds of the Wikipedia. Rex Sorgatz traces the update to someone who works at " Internet Broadcasting, a company...that produces some NBC sites." Nice to know that with a great scoop in hand, someone was willing to think of making a Wikipedia update first. The one dude who was randomly monitoring the Tim Russert page when the news broke probably, uhm....had a reaction?

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