Thursday, June 19, 2008

DCeptette: Comet Return

  1. Tax and the Single Girl: Megan Carpentier subjects the candidate's tax plans to actual scrutiny. Yes. It can be done. For you young single ladies, here's the upshot: no knockouts, Obama wins on points. [Glamocracy]
  2. ANC 3F Commissioner Frank Winstead, who is an assclown, attempted to put the kibosh on Comet Ping Pong's plan to extend hours and add outdoor seating. Previously, Frank Winstead, assclown, had freaked on Comet P-P for their outdoor picnic table, and made all sorts of Frank Winstead assclown loud noises at Politics and Prose, in the same little shopping strip, for their bench outside the store. In his case against Comet's expansion plans, Frank Winstead, the assclown, accused the restaurant's owner of "trying to turn this area into Adams Morgan with the murders and rapes." Indeed, as any Frank Winstead assclown will tell you, you go to Adams Morgan for the rapes, but you stay for the murders. He also accused the restaurant's owner of wanting to "fill his fat wallet," because This Is The Way Of Frank Winstead, Assclown. Happily, the gathered throng pushed back mightily against this Frank Winsteady Assclownery, accepting Comet's proposal by a 5-4 vote. Hooray. Of course, the other three members voting against Comet were likely, like Frank Winstead, assclowns. We are looking into it. [DCist]
  3. CityDesk asks, "How might one best stimulate the clitoris ironically?" Dunno. Give Cherkis a crack at it? [City Desk]
  4. THIS WAY LIES MADNESS. Klingle Road, THE MOST IMPORTANT URBAN DISPUTE OF THIS OR ANY OTHER TIME, is like a self-propagating nano-bot content/thought virus that threatens to infect everyone who writes in, on, about, near, or adjacent to DC. Now there are two posts at Yglesias' blog on the issue. How did this happen? BACK AWAY SLOWLY, MATT. ATTEMPT NO SUDDEN MOVES.
  5. Wow. This year's Fort Reno lineup is just flat out exceptional. SO GIVE GENEROUSLY. I totally would have braved arsenic for this.

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