Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DCeptette: Sometimes, I Wish I Was Catholic (I Don't Know Why)

  1. Hot assclown-on-assclown action. Now with video. [City Desk]
  2. Wow: nutraloaf. This is the quickfire challenge Top Chef fans have been craving. [Gawker]
  3. Slate asks if modern life is killing off the semicolon. Wife of DCeiver says, emphatically, "FUCK NO! If anything the complexities of modern life make the semicolon more necessary...and it's delightful for a novel - and don't discount it in poetry!" Key distinction to be made: Slate probably comes at this locked in the perspective of a journalist, where my wife is back writing academic papers for her Masters degree, an area of fecundity where semi-colons are concerned. Fuck. I think one whole chapter of my thesis was two huge run on sentences joined by a semi-colon. [Slate]
  4. Politico headline: "Elian Gonzalez Could Haunt Obama." Ohhhh, JESUS, FUCK. Really? We're dragging all that shit out again? Fine. I guess we totally should have left that kid in the hands of his Miami-based criminal relatives and that aunt of his who was always collapsing because of her steady diet of drugs and brainlessness. [Politico]
  5. A belated but happy birthday to the peripatetic Information Leafblower. Congrats on the Championship. [Information Leafblower]

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