Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't Keep The Internet Gessen

I've been studiously avoiding making any mention of the latest blog nerd tiff, currently roiling in NYC, that we shall call The Most Important Taking Back Of The Internet And Saving Of The Sad Young Literary Baby Seals Clusterfuckery Of Our Time, because I'm confident the intersection of my seven readers and interest in this story hovers around the null set. And besides, it was only an elegant diss from Alex Pareene a few days ago that has managed to keep my interest invested.

Still, this makes me happy. Not a day after tweeting to Yglesias, "Gessen ought to leave the internet to those who can handle it. It's like watching a harp seal attempt to operate a loom," the poor creature went out and tumbled that he had registered the domain "," someone - sure enough - went and discovered this wasn't true, and took it for themselves. Harp seal. Loom. Even with so little at stake, it nevertheless feels good to have sized this up correctly.

As I'm on page 22 of ATSYLM, this is a pretty bad time for Gessen to be having a prolonged SHOYOASS moment. It's sort of coloring the experience.

ALSO RELATED TO TUMBLING: "All of this is factual, especially the part about everyone is an idiot baby."

tumblr. - The Documentary from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

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