Thursday, June 19, 2008

Internet Lunatic Given Forum For His Wackass Ramblings

The greatest thing that happened to the world today was the appearance of NUTCAKE MCGEE Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club. For those of you who don't know, Larry Sinclair is a loony-tunes weirdo who needs to be on several powerful anti-psychotics who has accused Barack Obama of all sorts of things, including buttsex, cocaine, murder, and basically being a total playahater to all the tinfoil encrusted mental cases who want some attention. The National Press Club apparently went to enormous lengths today to stipulate that they were not the sponsor of this event, because they a) were getting heat for it and b) would have rightly have had their own credibility destroyed over the matter had they not gone to the lengths they did.

And, for the record, one can, if the price is right, purchase space and time and a modicum of publicity for a NPC presser without it being an explicit event of the Club, in the same way that you can come to Port Authority Bus Terminal, board a Greyhound bus, smelling of rotten fruit and clutching notebooks full of block letters and talking for hours on end about how you were going to drop by G. Gordon Liddy's house and tell him all about how the CIA was using microwaves to drain information from your brain. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have sat by Larry Sinclair on every bus ride I have ever been on.

Anyway, Sinclair did his idiot press conference. My colleague Seth Colter Walls got to experience it first hand, and you can find his hilarious report on the event right here. Highlights include Sinclair's rambling nonsense, his pretend lawyer's pomegranate sized testicles, and Sinclair's lengthy rap sheet. Personally, I love the way Sinclair makes all sorts of crazy-ass accusations, and when the reporters ask for corroboration, he yells at them and says they have to WORK HARDER and investigate his claims more fully. Uhm...dickface, those reporters came to see your dumb ass as a part of the attempt to investigate those claims.

Of course, the best part is, after this was all over, was this:

The second Sinclair stopped taking questions, he fled the room and reporters were denied access to anyone but Sibley. I was a little disappointed until I heard the reason. Larry Sinclair was arrested after the press conference and is being held by the Washington, D.C. metropolitan police. He's been charged as a fugitive from justice; one of his warrants can be seen here.

For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of the MPD.

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