Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Fun With Politics and the Crappy Songs On Your iPod

Remember a couple of years ago when the National Review, a magazine for dumbasses, made up a list of "conservative" rock songs and it was kind of a pathetic joke? Well, back then, we posited that with enough cognitive dissonance, any song could be turned into a "conservative rock song." Remember and enjoy!

"Through a List, Dubiously" - an analysis for what passes for "conservative culture."

"How To Make Your Own List of Conservative Rock Songs" - A list of conservative rock songs? Of your own? Make them? How? These questions are answered.

"Through a List, Dubiously, Part Two" - the second part of a post titled, "Through A List, Dubiously"


Peter Orvetti said...

Hey, if they could use Janis Joplin's "Mercedez Benz" in an ad for the car itself...

kdiddy said...

here are my offerings: