Friday, June 27, 2008

Or, If You're An Utter Moron

Via Attackerman. Jeffrey Goldberg, who could be bound in a nutshell and count himself a king of infinite space, drools thusly:

More than that -- and again, maybe this is my experience in Israel talking -- I don't like the idea of subcontracting my own defense to the police. Why should a person who is paid $40,000 a year, who doesn't know me, who doesn't live in my neighborhood, risk his life for me when, properly armed, I'm fully capable of defending myself? It never seemed fair to me.

Well, gee. I don't know if that is "experience from Israel" talking because most "experience from Israel" doesn't often speak in that straight-out-ya-ass dialect I'm hearing. But speaking as someone who's got no particular truck with Jeffrey Goldberg surviving this, or any other night on earth, I say, "Let 5-0 off the hook, then, Jeffrey." Don't just talk. Walk up to John Q. Law today and tell him you won't be needing his services. More protect and serve for the rest of us.

Soprano fans: Jeffrey Goldberg armed=Special K (Season 1, episode 2). Surely you're feelin' me on this!


The Pedant said...

I actually don't know why you think Mr. Goldberg is talking out of his ass.

Unless you have some background in both Israel and Jeffrey Goldberg that I don't know about, maybe he did have some experience in Israel that gave him a very tribalist view of personal security.

You can think that there's no use learning lessons from Israel in DC policing, which makes sense since DC is not rife with religiously-motivated violence, but what you're saying is that Jeffrey Goldberg hasn't seen what he's seen because you don't agree with his conclusion.

The Deceiver said...

Why is he talking out of his ass? Because of this narrowminded idea of what law enforcement agencies do to keep him safe. It's a lot broader than simply gunning down those who would do him harm. There are layers of investigation, outreach, and enforcement that combine to prevent and alleviate crime. Goldberg thinks that his owning a gun makes it possible to stop subsidizing the efforts of police, and, by extension, anyone who doesn't do the same - arm themselves and relieve the police from their duty - is just weakly and inappropriately sucking at the public teat, and not evincing enough self-reliance. No matter how bad crime is in DC (and it's been trending downward for some time now) Goldberg's vision would create an untenable situation for the city's citizenry. Goldberg doesn't see it that way, because he's a self-centerted dipshit with his head stuffed far, far up the backside of his alimentary canal.

The Pedant said...

Although my experience with Israel is limited, I can believe that a tribalist, narrowminded idea of what law enforcement agencies can (or do) do can come from one's experience in Israel.

So, really, my beef was that, instead of saying, "most 'experience from Israel' doesn't often speak in that straight-out-ya-ass dialect I'm hearing," you should have said, "clearly, Israel has warped his sense of how we keep Americans safe," or some equivalent.