Saturday, June 28, 2008

Singletary to Sacto

Just caught the news from The Hook that Virginia point guard Sean Singletary got drafted in the second round by the Sacramento Kings with the 42nd pick. Score. I had hoped that he'd get drafted, but figured that it'd be in the second round, and touch and go at that. Sean is often generously credited with being 6'0", so his size is an issue. Like everyone who's got a favorite player on the NBA borderline, you come to think of your guy as possessed with that set of intangibles that can allow a guy to will himself into the Association. Those stories are pretty rare, but heck, I got to watch Roger Mason Jr. make serious contributions to the Wizards this year, so every once in a while, one of those guys you root for gets there.

Singletary came back to UVa for his senior year, probably because he was hungry after his near-miss, near-upset of Tennessee in the tournament his junior year. Still, without his backcourt partner J.R. Reynolds, he had to know that his senior year was going to be pretty rough going. And it was. But he played all year determined and unbowed, and he appropriately had his number retired at the end of the season (after which they had to sort of un-retire it so he could wear it in that not-quite-ready-for-the-NIT tournament they decided to stage this year.

Sacto also grabbed Patrick Ewing Jr. with the very next pick, so locals could potentially have some reasons to stay up and watch the Kings next year. I am hopeful that Singletary can grit himself onto the team, and if he stays in whatever frame of mind he was in during this amazing win over Duke, then I think he's got a decent shot. Anyway, congratulations Sean!

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PK said...

Apparently Sacto is just about a best-case scenario for Sean; their 2 top point guards are a) dudes you've never heard of, and b) not under contract for next year; so he's got a good a chance to crack that roster as any.

Also, slightly off the radar: JR Reynolds tore up the Italian league last year as a point guard, with 18 ppg including this crazy shot (which perfectly encapsulates his game: a guy who kinda can't dribble, compensating with an incredible shooting touch):

JR is apparently going to be playing NBA summer-league ball and trying to make a roster again this year.