Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spelling Bee Superstar

Damn I loves me some Scripps Spelling Bee, y'all. Love that it's on teevee, and LOVE your 2008 Champion, Sameer Mishra. Many times, the winners of these things are quivery sacks of tiny childlike frailties, spasming all along their nervous systems and staring out at the crowd like they just landed from Mars with their eyes all agog and haunted by impending failure. But Sameer was just a total frakking ROCKSTAR up there, pumping his fist with every right answer but totally not douching out about it. This dude's a killer, and I shouldn't be surprised in another fifteen years to learn that he's living in some beach mansion with a hottub the size of the Verizon Center packed stem to stern with people wearing no pants.

This video is the Essence of Mishra, where he briefly believes he has actually been asked to spell the word "numbnuts." He totally handles his shit, though, and I love at the end where he explained that his only worry was that "numbnut" has a host of different spellings. It probably does, too - I bet that Chaucer totally used the word "noombenutte" in The Canterbury Tales.

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