Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sufjan Battles Vampire Weekend In An Indie-Rock Beef That Could Not Be Wussier Even If Everyone Involved Was Wearing Crinolines

Apparently Sufjan Stevens isn't too keen on the musical stylings of Vampire Weekend, a fact we learned because someone, not even affiliated with Stereogum, actually sat down to ask Stevens a question for some reason. Stevens said:

"Sometimes I worry that the ever-increasing trend toward excessive innovation has pushed the art and music world into a slapstick exhibition of dog breeding, generating increasingly newer, more contemporary fashions: gothic folk, for one. Or Afro-beat Ivy League pop."

Right about now, you sort of wish that a Rick Rubin or Steve Albini would happen along to suggest that everyone involved might want to choke up on a piping hot platter of moose taints.


PK said...

Dear Sufjan: What the fuck are you doing interviews for? Don't you have, like 49 states to go? Get the hell on with it!

clare and catherine said...

it's actually 48. the end.