Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Might Potentially Be The Best Thing The Internet Has Ever Done

Keith Gessen wants to take back the internet, but he's too late! I've been watching Neave Television [h/t: Boing Boing] and can report that the internet has already been taken back...for everyone who wants to TRIP BALLS, that is! Tune your browser in, roll yourself a fattie, activate the app and then sit back and prepare yourself to be bombarded by some of the most senseless goddamn web video that has ever been recorded. A click of the mouse changes the channel. I swear, if the video selections continually expand, there's little doubt that THIS WILL BE THE MOST WHOLLY AWESOME THING ON THE INTERNET.

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Amy said...

I wish you had never told me about this. It will invade my dreams. The genius thing is that it is the most amazing metaphor for the Web itself -- as riveting as each image is, we don't have the attention span for it and can't resist clicking to the next thing. (Or maybe that's just me.)