Friday, June 27, 2008

War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning. A Very Sexy Force.

I am absolutely not surprised to hear that CNN's Michael Ware and CBS' Lara Logan had, apparently, been involved in a romantic tryst. They are pretty much the two best war correspondents on teevee. I'm only sad to learn that theirs was but a brief fling, because they could have had so many Iraq War-hating babies together.

Over the course of the day I heard scuttlebutt that CBS was none too pleased with Logan for allegedly bedding down with Ware and with another married man. But in defense of all parties, the woman is crazy hot and tough as nails. But CBS feels Logan's actions reflect poorly on the network's news division. Know what REALLY reflects poorly on the news division? Their failure to report on the Iraq war.

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Gabriel said...

In other news, CNN management is exceptionally pleased with Ware for allegedly scoring with the smoking hot Logan.

I can't understand why Logan is having trouble getting air time on CBS. Did somebody change the rules of television when I wasn't looking?