Saturday, June 14, 2008

Washington Warriors

City Paper's Dave McKenna seems to be, as they say, losing his bearings. A pity, since he's part of the half of the staff that can regularly produce readable copy (in fact, his "The Syracuse Walking Dream" is probably the best locally-produced sports feature that'll be written all year). In a City Desk posting, apropos of nothing, he muses:

An early sign of Dan Snyder’s Acquisition Deficit Disorder came shortly after he took over the Redskins, when he purchased the DC franchise rights to the Arena Football League.

He never followed through on his pledge/threat to put an arena team in this market.

Of course, those who've watched Snyder closely know that no serious pledge or threat was ever really made to do any such thing. Snyder acquired the rights to the name "Washington Warriors" and connected it to a forthcoming Arena Football League team, but never moved that particular plan forward. In reality, the whole rigamarole was a half-baked bit of hedge-betting on Snyder's part because there was, at that time, a lawsuit filed by Suzan Shown Harjo, who sought a ruling under the Lanham Act that would force the Redskins to stop using their racist moniker. In the event of a successful claim, that would leave the "Warriors" as a quick and dirty substitute for Snyder. (I'm not certain that Snyder still controls these copyrights.)

Anyway, it's really puzzling that McKenna, in today's post, seems to be unaware of this context for Snyder's faux-AFL venture, since he need only avail himself of an article that he, in fact, wrote to gain the necessary information. If he is, in fact, aware of his past writings, well, I've got no explanation as to why he's pretending there was ever a sincere promise of a DC-based AFL team. The post does succeed in fulfilling part of the CP's mission, though: belittling their own readers. So, mission accomplished, I guess?

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why are you such a nasty hater? If your just going to diss city paper, than why bother reading every little part of it? Stick with Dcist and fishbowl. Your the one that sounds like a hater with all your negative comments.