Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Area Restauranteur Does Battle With Celebrated Douche

I didn't catch tonight's episode of Throwdown, or, as I like to call it, Bobby Flay's Dickhead Move, but I hope Granville Moore's Teddy Folkman took Flay to the woodshed tonight. I read somewhere (cannot find link now) that Flay said the restaurant was located in northwest DC. It's sort of hard to take a guy seriously who says he's coming to your house to "throw down" in culinary combat who cannot read a fucking map.


Rusty said...

Flay's chile mussels and frites lost to the Argonaut Dude's blue cheese and bacon broth.

What I want to know is why they bother with keeping who cooked what dish secret when one of the recipes inevitably tastes like the Southwest.

Flay, the judges broke your code.

Missy said...

Throwdown pisses me off so much, particularly the whole "pretending you're getting a Food Network show of your own" deception. Ugh, Flay. Naturally he couldn't compete in this episode without his crutch of chipotle.