Thursday, July 03, 2008

Clay Bennett Will Have His Revenge On Seattle

Redskins fans - or just human beings! - who might have been taken aback - or even grossly disgusted! - by former WhyIHateDC blogger James Furdell's "hole in their free safety" crack from last January, rejoice! The news came in today, and James' pwecious wittle Seattle Supersonics are splitting for the dusty wilds of Oklahoma City. At some point in the future, Seattle might be able to get another basketball team and call them the Sonics - but they'll never be Xavier McDaniel's Sonics.

And...ha ha.

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pat said...

Ouch. Though it's not the same as making fun of someone's death,at least the Redskins are still here. I'm still at a loss for expressing what just happened to my favorite team. But I do know that Clay Bennett can lick choad.