Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I read a bunch of blog posts about this "Bodega Party In A Box," which is some sort of NYC neighborhood initiative to help New Yorkers relate to the proprietors of the city's ubiquitous corner stores. Gawker pulled this quote that caught my eye:

"Eating out every night can get expensive. If you are known to get hungry and are a slave to convenience, then it's the no-brainer since corner stores are usually right down the block and full of ... food. Most of us aren't able to anticipate every single grocery need during our weekly mega-shopping trips to the big grocery store/farmers market/etc. Plus, independent corner stores usually help recycle money back into the neighborhood by hiring locally and helping out local folks and groups with informal arrangements."

Just so we all have our terms defined properly, "informal arrangements" refers to "weed." That is all.


Kit Hodge said...

In some cases it may, since bodegas vary tremendously. But we were actually referring to corner store owners keeping people's spare keys for them and other actual nice things local business owners do for each other.

Also, to clarify, this is a national tool, and there are some recipes from DC people in the box.

Kit Hodge
Neighbors Project

Taylor Wray said...

And the Abe Lincoln award for CEO Honesty goes to...Kit Hodge!!!