Thursday, July 03, 2008

DCeptette: Division Street

  1. I love public transit and I love subways, and I really love these cool t-shirts by What's My Stop for the El in Chicago. Someone should do something similar here! And then you can buy me some. [Chicagoist]
  2. Unsurprisingly, this is what you'll find at the dead center of the blogosphere. [S/FJ]
  3. Casie does what she can to save the lives of all you pedestrians. Just read it! [Southern Bellicose]
  4. We heartily approve of the new Landrum joint - just remember what we told you about parking! Also, with regard to "...anyone exiting the west Columbia Heights Metro -- surrounded on three sides with Potbelly's, Pete's Apizza and Five Guys -- will be hard-pressed to not grab something to eat," we say you'd be hard-pressed to do anything other than walk into Pete's Apizza. [DCist]
  5. "Bhutan's national assembly has banned laptops, nominally to prevent officials from distracting themselves with games and 'pictures.'" Betcha that wasn't in the Folklife Festival! [BoingBoing]


Will said...

Actually, Metro already makes ride shirts. They don't look as good as the ones you linked too, though.

Bob said...

Or you can just buy a Neighborhoodie, like the "Clarendon" one I bought for my wife. She got made props on it on Arlington Neighborhood Day.