Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Godspeed You, Rob Goodspeed.

Way back in 2004, Rob Goodspeed and I met up at the Big Hunt, to discuss, despite all of the available evidence that pointed to it being a terrible idea, the possibility of me coming on board at DCist. I was like: hell, yeah I'll come on board at DCist! And Rob Goodspeed said, "Let us celebrate these arrangements by ordering a plate of hot wings." Later, we were interviewed by German Public Television or some such shit about the election. We never found out if our quotes made it to broadcast, but I'm pretty sure that the Germans know what the effing score is!

Anyway, we regret to inform you that Rob Goodspeed, having received all of the academic degrees that are offered by the schools here in the city, is decamping for Boston, Massachusetts. There, he will finally fulfill his lifelong dream of getting fired from the Harvard Crimson by Mike Grass. Also, he will enjoy long, soulful and contemplative walks down the middle of the street, as shown in Ally McBeal, televisions seminal depiction of Boston. We wish him luck in maybe finally getting a fucking job or something!

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