Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ha, Ha. Your Medium Is Dying.

Dana Milbank is best known to the world as a guy who got dressed up like some sort of crossing guard because he thought it would make some sort of effortless point about Dick Cheney shooting somebody in the face. But mainly, he only served as the inspiration for halfwit conventional-wisdom regurgitron Mark Halperin to wear a bunch of creepy costumes in his own PageCasts.

Anyhoo, Milbank is also a newsman and a dinosaur and a twit. Or so he comes across in this ridiculous video from Wonkette, where he gets drunk and snooty and self-righteously declares, "I will not read blogs, I'm sorry." Hoo-okay, dude! You know, your own paper has got a number of really good ones!

He goes on to say, "If something is important enough, it will be brought to my attention." That's right! Brought to his attention by his MIGHTY ARMY OF NAKED, NEWGATHERING PYGMIES, LET'S SAY. Poor thing. He probably has no idea how much is being brought to attention by those blogs he's not reading.

Dana! Dana! Here's something important! You sort of come off like...well, an ass. Film at...uhm, right now.

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