Friday, July 04, 2008

Monkey Gone To Hell

Funny thing: I actually thought Jesse Helms was already dead! Where was he these past few years, during which I thought he was dead. Was he in a home or something? He sure as shit belonged there, from about 1961 on.

Anyway, Jesse Helms is dead. Ding-dong, I guess? Really. I ain't mad at Jesse. Jesse was a fucked-up turd of a man who had a poisonous egg yolk for a brain. He was a gleeful bigot and poor legislator and he's one of many hundreds of thousands of people who pass through this life without contributing anything positive to it. But there's plenty of people out there like him, what makes him special? Basically, a large group of North Carolinians decided that Jesse Helms belonged playing a part in running the country. And to those people, I say: Gank on a roman candle today, bitches.

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