Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Next Big Thing: This Storm Is What We Call Progress

In this election year Sabbatical of mine, I've been remiss in informing you of the quality Rorschachery we have got cooking up. No longer! Come see our new joint, Jason Grote's This Storm Is What We Call Progress. The essential reviews from WaPo and DCist ought to whet the whistle for another good night out. As many of you know, we are between homes at the moment, but have found hospitable refuge from our Exile(TM) from the good people at Georgetown University. So, as far as added selling points, there's air-conditioning, I believe, which would be a positive break from the typical Rorschach in the Summertime traditions. Also, it stars Karl Miller, one of my favorite actors and human beings.

We'll be mounting two other productions this summer at GU, including Thornton Wilder's The Skin Of Our Teeth and the four-part experiment in serialized theatre called Dream Sailors from Randy Baker. More news on that when we have some.

A Rorschach Theatre World Premiere
This Storm is What We Call Progress
By Jason Grote
June 22 – July 20
In the Devine Theatre at Georgetown University's Davis Center For The Performing Arts.

directed by Jenny McConnell Frederick
starring Sara Barker, Rena Cherry Brown, and Karl Miller
sets by Robbie Hayes
lights by David Ghatan
costumes by Franklin Labovitz
props by Francoise Bastien
fights by Casey Kaleba
and the usual peerless Stage Management from Kyle Jean Fisher, with Alex Aki

For tickets, click here. For further details, click here.

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Will said...

On behalf of the Georgetown blogosphere, I welcome you. If you're using the theater I think you are, there's a tunnel leading from it across campus and under a graveyard. Check it out!