Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robert Novak Subjects DC Pedestrian To Painful Vette-ing Process

So, earlier today, Robert Novak apparently ran down a pedestrian not far from our office, as he was blithely and dementedly tooling around in his black Corvette, looking for "sources"...sweet, sweet, "sources."

Novak apparently hit the guy square and then continued to drive off. He was stopped by a lawyer on a bicycle who executed some derring-do that will surely earn him the Shayna Medal Of Lawyerly Valor. One of the things that Ana and I joked about in our vlog (yes! we do that now, apparently, and the only reason I haven't told you is that we're still perfecting it, but this time out, I think we've made the vlog about as good as a vlog that features me in it can possible get...will post a link after it's live) is that after weeks of cyclist/motorist sparring, I think that this makes cyclists the heroes.

I guess Novak, denied his Crossfire forum, where he used to harm all of America at once, has taken to simply harming America one pedestrian at a time. In a way, I sort of admire him for this: on Crossfire it was his job to hurt people. Now, he's clearly doing it for the love.

Oh, apparently Novak blamed the whole thing on NPR's Morning Edition, which, admittedly, hasn't been the same since Bob Edwards left.

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PK said...

Best. Headline. Ever.