Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rusty Bids Adieu

Over at the Washingtonian, Rusty gives DC his official kiss-off. And hey, I love the city, there are things where we are in obvious agreement. Especially about me! But more importantly, solidarity in the matter of Miss Carpentier. To this day, the decision to drop her from Wonkette baffles me. Now, Rusty is moving to Columbus, Ohio, and man, I've gotta tell you, that is one stone cold, dull-ass burg. The days are boring and the nights are lame. But! As it turns out, he's heading out there with his gf, who is a pretty stupendous person, so this is actually pretty much a no-brainer. Esperance, Rusty, and I hope the two of you hit Columbus and Burn That Motherfucker Down.


Lives in Washington DC said...

Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments) lives in Columbus. So it can't be all bad.

Rusty said...

"The days are boring and the nights are lame"

Well, I've lived in Cathedral Heights, Bethesda, and AU Park. So if Bethesda, by the hospital and 495, is the most exciting place I've lined in these parts, I think I'm adequately prepared to handle a "dull as burg."

Rusty said...

Sorry for all the typos in that last comment.

Also, my girlfriend, not that great. I'm going to Ohio so I can finally check out the Big Ten Network I've been hearing so much about.

columbus liker said...

I really like Columbus. Really, it's nice--great cheap restaurants too. There's some fun areas like Short North and German Village.