Monday, July 14, 2008

Rusty Hits A Walk-Off

It's got to be pretty vindicating for Rusty to close out his tenure with this news from the world of the Montreal Expo experiment. Can't say I'm surprised in the least. It looks like attendance numbers are about where he predicted they'd be as well. No surprise there: DC's coterie of baseball fans, while loud, aren't very numerous, and this is sort of the same as it ever was in this city. Back when all of the stadium plans were ongoing, I wondered why the city was bent on building a stadium with 20,000 seats too many. Seems to me that if they'd kept things realistic, they would have cut cost considerably.

Rusty's apparently taken shots in the DCist comment threads for his stance on the matter, but they've historically been a sad venue of denial. One thing that people just can't seem to get their heads around is that the citizens of the District of Columbia really are on the hook for buying this stadium. You'd be surprised how many people really believe otherwise. But the facts are these: the city took out $535 million in municipal bonds to pay for the thing. True, the city has made arrangements for this money to be repaid, as best it can, through other sources, in the hopes that they can bypass the taxpayers - through "stadium generated revenues and by a tax on businesses within the city."

Here's the thing though. If DC can't come up with the scratch through those sources, it's not like the people to whom this money is owed are going to be knocking on the doors of the Nationals' ownership or those businesses that have agreed, for the time being, to be taxed. No, they are going to come right to the District. Now those hero owners are sandbagging the District. Don't call it a surprise!

And as far as those taxes on businesses goes, remember: the day may come where those folks get let off the hook, as well. Just because a tax gets imposed during the course of one legislative session doesn't mean an ensuing one can't undo it. I remember there used to be some commenter on DCist who used to swear up and down that the "big lawyers" and the "K Street lobbyists" were going to pay for the stadium. I just had to laugh! If there's anyone in town with the means and the skills to get out of paying those taxes, just as soon as they feel they've been magnanimous enough, it's the big lawyers and the K Street lobbyists.

Meanwhile, the Nationals are what, the third-worst team or so in the major leagues? Yep. That was just some all-around smart thinking by a bunch of fucks who are no longer in office!

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Matt F said...

I'm pretty sure they're officially the worst in either league at this point.