Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This Is Actually Pretty Nice

A few days ago, Wife of DCeiver showed me this video of Matt Harding, who was sent to numerous far-flung places on the globe by the people that make Stride gum to do a silly little dance in front of a camera. Along the way, people joined in. Many people. And the video these travels spawned has hit the big time, garnering the attention of the New York Times. As well it should, because it's really not possible to watch the video and not get at least a little bit happier. It just goes to show that as bad as things may get, maybe the human race - and the lemurs - doesn't deserve to get obliterated from the face of the planet. Though if this video ever made it's way into the hands of brutal, conquering aliens, that is almost certainly what will happen. So take a minute and experience a very simple and powerful expression of joy, and we will return in a moment with your regularly scheduled dose of arch cynicism.

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