Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Want To Defy The Logic Of All Sexx Laws

This article chronicles the interesting twists and turns that occurred in a Staunton, Virginia court, as an obscenity trial against a local porn shop got underwar today. Apparently, the prosecution made some kind of bush league mistake during opening arguments, coming close to earning a mistrial. Pretty crazy! But that's not the best part. Not by a long shot!

For all the unusual legal motions today, the trial is about to get a lot more strange tomorrow. The jury will watch the two DVDs in question— Sugar Britches and City Girls Extreme Gangbangs— in their entirety, in open court. However, Staunton Circuit Court is arranged such that the jury faces the rest of the courtroom. So while the rest of the court will be able to hear the explicit sex, only the jury will be able to see it on the projector screen, leaving the gallery to watch the jury watching porn.
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