Thursday, August 14, 2008

ICYMI: Today's HuffPostery

RNC Stalks Barack Obama
In which the RNC sends me emails describing how they follow Obama around Hawaii, while the candidate buys cheeseburgers, because they are apparently stupid.

Colbert Bump A Boon For Democrats, But Not Republicans
Pretty much what the title says, only with links to PDFs!

The Masterful Math Of Tucker Bounds
Bounds Obama ad pushback is 100% effective at being 25% effective, and only because it calls the oeuvre of Will Ferrell to mind.

Bayh As Veep? Advantage McCain
Pretty much the same thing every other liberal blogger has been saying to themselves.

McCain Assures Townhall That Death Stalks The Supreme Court Justices, and
That Chupacabra Story That I Somehow Got Permission To Publish

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