Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McMegan Becomes Comic Book Hero

Brian Wood writes a comic called DMZ, about a dystopian New York City that's on that list of comics I always mean to buy or borrow and then forget about when the opportunity arises. He also writes a series called Local, that I have similarly not kept up with, save #3, which takes place in the heart of my old stomping grounds down in Richmond, Virginia. Fact is, it's great: whenever I read it, I can see those characters milling down in Carytown or tucking in at my regular corner hang, The Village (great food, cheap booze, best jukebox in the Capital of the Confederacy. Grace and Harrison in the Fan District).

Anyway, the complete hardcovere collection of Local is coming out in September, according to NYMag's Vulture blog. Glad to hear it! However, this news was a little jarring:

But one of his most personal works is Local, a collection of twelve interconnected stories about vagabond Megan McArdle and the cities she lives in, from Minneapolis to Richmond to Halifax.
Right away, I was like, "Huh?" Megan McArdle? As in The Atlantic's Megan McArdle? Not that McMegan doesn't deserve her own comic imprint - Alan Moore needs to get working on that! - but that didn't sound right to me. Sure enough, it wasn't. The vagabond heroine of Local is Megan McKeenan.

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