Saturday, August 16, 2008


ditriech over at Confessions of a Beirut Game was totally reading my mind on the whole "Phelps is a Cylon" idea, and he's got proof! But the odd connections don't end there! I believe that I, too, had the same Cylon thought during an online conversation about who Obama might/should pick as vice-president! And if the Obama campaign is "reading [ditriech's] mind," as he suspects, maybe it's reading my mind too! So, I'm thinking, "Reconsider your stance on FISA, maybe!"

Also, ditriech, I made a teensy improvement on yr wonderful LOLPhelps. Crudely. See if you can spot it!


ditriech said...

OMFG your improvement is awesome.

Rebecca S. said...

Ahhhhh hilarious. (I haven't been around here for a while -- followed you here from Wonkette, back in the day, but have since migrated to a new computer with a different set of bookmarks -- but now that I've remembered, I'll be back here every day.)

Do you have a take on the Late Night Shots reality show (Lifetime?? Really???), or is it beneath your notice?