Friday, September 05, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Megan Carpentier.

Republicans don't want to talk about issues, they want their Weltanschauung reinforced without the use of foreign words....And they probs ought to stop referring to it as her "choice." If they don't want to be pro-choice, they should say stuff like "It was my moral obligation to bring Trig to term. There was no 'choice.'"
Now that is some goddamned aerial wolf hunting.


dragon51188 said...

Hahahaha, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Just take a look at Sarah Palin asking Charles Gibson (ABC) what he means when he asks her a question about the "Bush doctrine". She was so bewildered, it was sad, but not as sad as all the people who are voting for McCain mainly on her credentials....whatever they may be.