Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: McCain Finally Gives Press Conference, Amusingly Stumbles

Hey, everyone! You remember the good old days, when Old Man McCain used to give press conferences? It's been so long, but I can still remember walking down to the general store with Pa to buy some penny-candy. He'd carry me on his shoulders back to the house and I'd hand-crank our old radiola to life and tune in to hear some of the Straightest Talk in the land! Well, today, after many consecutive decades of avoiding and/or yelling at the media, John McCain made himself available for an old-timey press conference, where he talked about the bailout legislation while standing in front of the two remaining American flags that aren't in the tank for Obama.

As McCain has been out of practice, it's only natural that he might stumble over his words:

"Where's business going to go? We know where they're going to go and where they're going to create jobs. So it is essential for our economy to stimulate growth, and grow this government...I...excuse me, grow this economy...not grow the economy! Uhm...the government. We need to grow the economy."

Sure, sure. LAUGH IT UP, LIBERAL BLOGOSPHERE! But ask yourself: now that the government has basically bought the entire economy, can anyone really tell the difference anymore?

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