Friday, September 26, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: You Can't Spell Palin Without Pain...Searing, Soul-Mutilating Pain

Jesus wept!

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Wow. You know, for a while there, in the days that followed hard upon Sarah Palin being unleashed, unexpectedly, into our lives, the big story was how the press was in mad pursuit of the Alaska Governor, desperate to get within fifteen feet of the vice-presidential candidate, let alone ask her a question or two. Everyone was doing their best to beat a path toward her.

But now, let's face it, I fully expect reporters to start racing away in the opposite direction. I just don't now where Couric gets the fortitude to go on and on, interviewing this woman. From what I've seen of the Palin/Couric interactions, Couric demonstrates that she's made of sterner stuff than I. I can tell you, with certainty, that within three minutes of talking to Flailin' Palin, I would have stood up and said, "Look. Ms. Palin, no disrespect, but I just cannot go on like this. I have got to be kidding me. My God. You can't possibly want this to continue." In the spirit of not wanting to watch tiny woodland creatures get strangled, we simply cannot continue to point cameras at this woman.

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