Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giant Sucking Sound In DC Will Again Finish Out Of The Pennant Race

Not much has changed in my relationship with these people calling themselves the "Washington Nationals." I'm not entirely against their existence, since they've been a fairly reliable contributor to the St. Louis win column. But I remain pretty sure that this team from Montreal will, like other attempts at DC baseball that occurred before I was born (hence the necessity of having to go out of town to become a baseball fan), eventually end up in some other city, and I'll likely live to see it.

Anyway, my attention was drawn to this column by Marc Fisher, and somehow, I managed my way through it. Honest to God, the need for all those paragraphs on the state of the Nationals is about as great as the need for 20,000 of those seats at the team's stadium (seriously, could we have not have saved money by excluding a few thousand of those seats? Phillies fans just aren't interested in occupying them on a regular basis!). I can basically sum up what's going on with the Nationals like so.

First, while those that do are obviously the most persistent and vocal whining fucksticks in the area, Washingtonians just really do not give a rat's ass about baseball. The Senators? Just not that popular. The first iteration of the Senators consistently lagged behind the AL average, exceeding only in 1925, 1931, 1933, and 1943. Most years it was pretty embarrassing. The second version of the Senators had one great, record-setting year, but it didn't last. Basically, Washingtonians would rather do anything else than watch baseball.

And second, the current franchise sucks worse than crib death babies.

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jim d. said...

They should pull around 20,000 of the seats out of Nats park and put them in the stadium they should have built for DC United. You know, the area team with the passionate fanbase that actually wins championships and shit. (And with an owner willing to pay out of pocket for a stadium.)