Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mark Halperin Can't Get Enough Of McCain Flack

Over at The Page, Time Magazine's political comic book for dipshits, Page-meister Mark Halperin went a little crazy today, posting four separate versions of this image of McCain advisor Steve Schmidt (we could only fit three in the image above). Apparently, Schmidt spent the day "declaring war" on various and sundry things, so Halperin saw an opportunity to entice Schmidt to declare war on his heart by building this crazy mini-shrine to Schmidt, depicted here puckering up and preparing to knead Halperin's trapezius muscles with the hands he used to strangle New York Times editor Bill Keller. Read more about this in the upcoming The Way To Win II: Softcore Scenarios, featuring a foreword by an increasingly distressed John Harris.

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Godshamgod said...

Haha. Fun post.