Monday, September 22, 2008

Megyn Kelly Exonerates Alex Pareene

Here's a bit in mindbending video of Bill O'Reilly missing the point, over and over again, about what rights news organizations are entitled to under the law. Megyn Kelly tries her very very best, but it's like WOAH HO IS THIS FUCKER DENSE. Anyway, Alex Pareene isn't going to have much to worry about where Sarah Palin's emails are concerned, except for maybe how he's gonna spend his thousands of dollars! Cash fan photos, Alex!

Anyway, in this latter era of O'Reilly, telling Megyn Kelly that she's "a tough cookie" is the new way of saying SUCK ON MY LOOFAH. Yes, we remind you: Bill O'Reilly is a goddamned creep of epic proportions.

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PK said...

Actually, watching O'Reilly confuse the concepts of "speech" and "cash" kinda gives you his whole life philosophy in a nutshell...