Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Bloggers Need To Give Up The Psychoanalysis.

Responding to this post, a blogger writes:

I would agree that the ‘lipstick on a pig’ controversy is a manufactured bit of political silliness, expressly designed to fill a news cycle. But that’s pretty much all it is in my view. Jason Linkins on the other hand is taking it way too seriously. How seriously? He writes that if he owned a gun he would have shot himself over it. Yeah.
Shot myself? Wow. Talk about your fundamental misreads!

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Ryan Anderson said...

Ha, he must have taken classes in misinterpretation from the McCain campaign.

But seriously Jason, could you please please please put an end to calling this "silly?" Silly would be dressing up in costumes or delivering a stump speech in a Julia Childs accent just for fun. This, however, was an out and out smear. McCain's campaign purposely manipulated the statements of Obama and Katie Couric to falsely accuse Obama of sexism. It was no accident or joke, it was lie.