Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Fair Is Foul And Foul Is Fair

It's sort of amazing that the McCain campaign can basically walk around announcing that the pretext for their coming attacks makes no sense, aprioricity-wise, and they know that no one's going to call them out on it:

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told radio host Hugh Hewitt late last week that they are reconsidering using the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as an issue in the last two weeks of the presidential race.

Said Davis: "Look, John McCain has told us a long time ago before this campaign ever got started, back in May, I think, that from his perspective, he was not going to have his campaign actively involved in using Jeremiah Wright as a wedge in this campaign. Now since then, I must say, when Congressman Lewis calls John McCain and Sarah Palin and his entire group of supporters, fifty million people strong around this country, that we're all racists and we should be compared to George Wallace and the kind of horrible segregation and evil and horrible politics that was played at that time, you know, that you've got to rethink all these things. And so I think we're in the process of looking at how we're going to close this campaign. We've got 19 days, and we're taking serious all these issues."
In other words, McCain is going to strafe Obama with attacks he previously declared off-limits because a third party - and entirely and altogether different person, distinct from anyone in the Obama campaign - hurt his precious feelings. I'd say that this gives one key insight into how this angerbot would govern the country, but do I need to? After all, this is one of the people who thinks we should be at war with a different set of people than who declared war on us.

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Gabriel said...

Don't you understand? As the newly elected Lord High Negro, Obama is responsible for any statement by any African-American anywhere, and possibly for statements by Afro-Canadians as well.