Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Fake Virginia Does Pretty Well

Ryan Avent clarifies some things about Northern Virginia, which long-necked Sith Lady Of McCain Flackery Nancy Pflotenpooper decries as "fake Virginia."

Now I realize that the folks making statements about which parts of the country are real and unreal are thinking exclusively in terms of “values” and political identification. It seems somehow relevant, however, that non-American America is responsible for the bulk of the nation’s GDP and tax revenues. If you take Northern Virginia away from Virginia, the state ceases to look like a mid-Atlantic new south success story and starts looking like Mississippi. It will be solidly Republican, but it will also be pretty darn poor. If you take the Washington-Boston metroplex out of America, the country gets a lot redder, but it also loses nearly a fifth of its economic output.

About one in eight Virginians lives in Fairfax County. That’s a lot! The median household income in Fairfax is about 160% of the median income for the state as a whole. What that means, of course, is that folks in Fairfax, those Kaine-Obama voting fiends, pay for a lot of state-funded stuff that goes on in Southside or Appalachian Virginia.

Hey don't forget! Over in Band Camp, they've also got the largest fleet of school buses in the country, because they are Communists.

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