Monday, October 06, 2008

The Band Plays Some Song About Forgetting Yourself For Awhile

You know, like it or not, the name you give your band is going to dictate how far you take your act. Regardless of what you think of their music, names like "U2" or "Coldplay" are good brand names, as well as good band names. Those are bands you can Race For The Cure or advocate Tibetan Freedom with. You're not going to strike a discordant note or send a mixed message. Let's face it, maybe you have written the song that, by all rights, should have brought to Israelis and the Palestinians together in a Hundred Year Bake Sale for Peace. I'm not doubting your motives. I'm not shorting your passion. What I'm saying is that you maybe should have thought some shit through when you decided to name your band "Hoobastank," dickface.

With that in mind, I'm really not sure you're maxing out your potential when you name your band The Airborne Toxic Event. But this song, "Sometime Around Midnight," is really pretty great.

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PK said...

People like to dog record company execs, but they did talk U2 out of their original name ("Feedback") and Radiohead out of theirs ("On a Friday") as well... that alone should earn those responsible a hefty percentage of those bands' earnings for a good long time.

Coldplay was actually that band's original name, part of Chris Martin's policy of never offending anybody, ever, even if it means you resort to meaningless and vague truisms. So: Martin for VP!