Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DC Council Tattoo Parlor Dust Up

I'd be remiss if I didn't comment on the item that DCist led off their day with last Friday, because it amuses me. Way back when, this guy named Harold Brazil on the DC Council who was a useless fuck, and, together with the similarly useless fucktery of Kevin Chavous, formed a mighty duo of hamfisted dumbassery the likes of which you rarely see, and which often got lost amid whatever nonsensical drugs or whores or schemes Marion Barry was up to at the time. When voters finally kicked Brazil and Chavous out of office, it really felt like the DC Council had turned some kind of corner, because those two men straight sucked out loud. This, of course, was terribly wrong.

Anyway, last week, the news caught up with Brazil. What's the idiot dumbass up to? Apparently getting into altercations at Jinx Proof. Brazil apparently went to the tattoo parlor with a pair of his bitches, who were seeking some much needed tramp-stampery or something. Brazil attempted to follow one of the women into the back of the store, was prevented from doing so by an employee, and then proceeded to get BUCK WILD on everyone in the room. They say it took three people to subdue him, but we really doubt that - chances are, there were just additional people in the room who saw what was happening and thought, "Finally, here's my chance to fuck Harold Brazil up."

Anyway, all of this actually happened, in Accordance With The Prophecy.

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Peter Orvetti said...

Next time he should bring Vincent Orange as backup.