Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear E! Network

I notice that you guys have the exclusive rights to rerun Saturday Night Live's old episodes on your network. Did you guys know that SNL has been around for over thirty years? See, I don't think that you do! If you did, surely you wouldn't rerun the horrible Paris Hilton/Keane episode every single week. God, you fucks are useless, and I hope that whenever your deal runs out, SNL returns to Comedy Central, where it belongs.


Daniel M. Laenker said...

See, though, Paris Hilton is continually relevant to E!'s programming. Pretty much anything else on SNL (i.e. anything funny) is not.

I do love a couple of those sketches, where Paris sucks the comedy out of them and turns them into an existential dramatic tour de force, completely by accident.

Anonymous said...

here, here!