Friday, October 31, 2008

Democrats Need Not Fear The Redskins Rule

I hate to correct the people at DCist, who've done a good job taking over the Redskins beat since I had to stop doing it, but really, at this important time, DCist Elisabeth really needed to go back over some Redskins history before she wrote this:

Also, reports the Redskins are ‘an accurate barometer for presidential elections,’ and that according to the "Redskins Rule," a Steelers win on Monday would mean a win for Obama, while a Redskins’ victory would mean a win for McCain.
It would have been an excellent opportunity to correct on this regard. The "Redskins Rule" stipulates that if Washington wins their last home game before Election Day, the incumbent party retains the White House. This was true for a long time, but no more. The Redskins Rule was finally dispelled in 2004, when the Green Bay Packers defeat of the Redskins at the Jack failed to produce a John Kerry victory at the polls. So look, DC, there's no reason for you not to root for your Redskins on Monday night, believing that it will be tantamount to a McCain/Wolfhunter victory. Similarly, McCain fans may root for the Steelers if they want to. McCain owes them that much after selling out their offensive line to the Vietcong.

Also, for those of you who hate the fact that Washington has a racist name for their football team, you may, as I do, choose to associate the name with the straight-outta SHARP anti-fascist, anti-racist, pro-labor skinhead sect of the same name. Put yourself in that mindset, and you can be rooting against the right-wing thugs who planned to kill black children and Barack while dressed in top hats. Take that shit the rest of the way and download Neither Washington Nor Moscow, the 1986 album by York's The Redskins, from iTunes. Let's make it work!


Former DCSOB said...

Neither Washington nor Moscow? Too true. The odds-makers like Moscow because of their rejuvenated offense, but look at strength of schedule - a Pop Warner team could have done that against Georgia. We'll see what happens if they meet China in the playoffs.

dgarvigan said...

Nice nod to DC native Tim Gunn with the "make it work" closing (unless thats a stretch)