Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Out The Vote

I live very close to my polling place. In fact, from my window, I can see it right now. I've been voting there for a good many years, so I know the drill. Plus, this is Arlington, where we invent all new reasons to vote and have all sorts of weird days when we do it. We are vote crazy, even in the off years.

Now, I'm ready to get this shit done on Election Day. I've been drilling, running simulations, preparing for contingencies. Right now, I'm prepared for any eventuality, from quotidian concerns like temperature and precipitation, to more remote possibilities. Plagues of locusts? Ready. Second coming of Katrina? No problem. Invasion of alien reverse vampires from beyond the dark side of the moon? Bring it on.

The way it is right now, under normal conditions, I can go from my front door to my polling place very quickly. I'd wager that my average time is about a minute and a half. For much of the day, I was feeling pretty good about this. And then I watched this:

I gotta try to get my time down to 1:15.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my face. I hope we win. I really really hope we win.

Tom said...

Dammit, man ... what are you doing to me? I'm from New York! I'm supposed to be bitter and cynical! What's ... happening?

Anonymous said...

Damn it. Crying. And I'd already seen it.