Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gold Man Sacks

Apparently, the economic downturn has penetrated the niche economic sector known as street performing, and pantomimes, along with dudes painted all metallic and shit, pretending to be robots, are feeling the pinch. Of course, the news still manages to unearth some interesting facts about this culture.

The performer, who calls himself Orange Mime, testifies, "The economy has definitely affected my earnings as a street performer. I am a living statue (silver/gold robot guy) and I have noticed a significant loss in recent weeks... I only hope it gets better for December because that is usually my best month."

You see, I wouldn't have thought that December would be the best month for a street performer. But then I realized that this was probably the time each year that New Yorkers look at these people and realize: "Holy shit. This is what these idiots actually do for their job!" Because why else would they be out there, freezing their silvery balls off.

Naturally, if they haven't figured this shit out by February, it's tough titties.

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