Monday, October 06, 2008

It's the Message We Send. Our Relevance Pays.

A few years ago, Rachel Sklar and I were on an elevator and she introduced me to two people: Obama Girl and Maureen Tkacik. Of the two, the latter was the more interesting and intimidating, and since then, she's added much to my understanding and enjoyment of the world through her writing. Right now, the big story in America, probably for the next year, is the epic and chaotic spasm in our economy, so naturally, Nick Denton gets rid of the one person he has on hand who knows what they're talking about in that arena. Hey. He's the fucking supergenius, I guess. Anyway, nobody's perfect. There was that time during the DNC when she wrote something that really disappointed me, personally. But one can say that about anybody, I suppose. In the end, I'll say she's a good egg, and at the very least, I think that Moe sat at her desk, and tried to be honest.

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Anonymous said...

Quel Moxy Früvous reference! Here's to the hope that Moe's snark finds another less assaholic home. Are you listening, Radar?